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Polish craft gin: Andrzej Weclawski about Breslauer Spirits

Breslauer Spirits handmakes Polish Gin in their own distillery in Wrocław. These 4 gins surprise consumers with wonderfully original tastes and outstanding intensity.…

Berlin Packaging: Matteo Vitale about innovative and sustainable packaging solutions

Berlin Packaging is the world's largest Hybrid Packaging Supplier®, specializing in the supply of glass, plastic and metal packaging and closures. Headquartered…

First female Master Blender in the brand's 200-year history: Dr. Emma Walker about Johnnie Walker

When Johnnie Walker introduced the new Master Blender on January 1, 2022, it was like a small revolution in an industry still dominated by men. Dr. Emma Walker is…

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE: Master Distiller Dr. Anne Brock about innovation and sustainability

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE in its iconic blue bottle is one of the best-known gins in the world. The gin is still distilled in the Laverstoke Mill distillery in southern England,…

For the love of terroir - Sophie Cossy about Champagne Cossy

In the heart of the famous Champagne region of France lies Champagne Cossy, a family business run by Sophie Cossy. Known for its exquisite premium champagnes, the…
interview tomatin

Masterful craftsmanship: Scott Adamson about Tomatin whisky

Based in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, the award-winning Tomatin Distillery is characterised by its smooth and mellow single malt whiskies. With a deep commitment…

Dingle: Master Distiller and Distillery Manager Graham Coull about the Irish Whiskey

The Dingle Distillery was founded in November 2012 as Ireland's first independent distillery in over 100 years. Located in the town of the same name in the southwest…
interview martini

160th birthday of the aperitivo icon: Global Vice President Victoria Morris about MARTINI

Since 1863, MARTINI has been synonymous with Italian craftsmanship, outstanding quality and excellent taste, putting it at the forefront of beverage and cocktail…
Turntable Spirits

A new beat for blended whiskies: Alasdair and Gordon Stevenson about their Turntable Spirits

A new beat is sweeping through the world of blended whiskies: With their Turntable Whiskies, brothers Alasdair "Ally" and Gordon Stevenson are doing away with the…

Whisky icon John Campbell on Lochlea and the new Cask Strength Batch 1

Lochlea stands for premium single malt whiskies from the heart of Ayrshire in Scotland. The independent family business grows and harvests 100% of its own barley,…
ncnean interview

„Made by nature, not by rules“ – Annabel Thomas about the Nc’nean Distillery

Nc'nean is an award-winning, independent organic whisky distillery in Scotland. Founded by Annabel Thomas in March 2017, it is revolutionizing the whisky industry…

NYKUR VODKA: Founder Nixon Bui about the most awarded spirit from Denmark

NYKUR VODKA comes from Denmark, is made with water from the Faroe Islands and grain from northern Italy and has recently become available in Germany. The Bremer…

"A whisky unlike any other": Founder David Vitale about Starward Whisky

When David Vitale founded the Starward Whisky Distillery in Melbourne in 2007, he had a clear goal in mind: to develop a whisky unlike any other. 16 years later,…

"Challenge the whisky world": Alex Munch about Stauning Danish Whisky

Stauning wants to challenge the whisky world with its products. Because in the opinion of the nine founders, a whisky does not have to taste like a Scottish single…

Coffee enjoyment made in Italy - Leopoldo De Luca about Gruppo Cimbali

Gruppo Cimbali is a leader in the design and manufacture of professional machines for espresso and milk-based beverages, as well as equipment for cafés and catering.…

A contemporary, vibrant, and creative Irish Whiskey: Alice Carroll about Foxes Bow

Alice Carroll has spent her entire career to date in the world of whisk(e)y. She was Jameson Brand Ambassador in Europe, worked in the Canadian market for Pernod…

Talk with: Adrian Michalcik, DIAGEO WORLD CLASS Global Bartender 2022

The WORLD CLASS Competition is considered the most prestigious bartending competition in the world. Organizer DIAGEO has made it its mission with the competition…

First legal distillery on the island: Alasdair Day about the Isle of Raasay Distillery

Raasay is a tiny island off the east coast of Skye in the Hebrides in northwestern Scotland – with just 161 inhabitants and comparable in size to Manhattan. The…
interview elixir d anvers

"Nostalgia in a bottle" - Carl-Ivan Nolet de Brauwere about Elixir d'Anvers

The traditional company F.X. de Beukelaer has been producing the world-famous liqueur Elixir d'Anvers for around 160 years, making it the oldest liqueur distillery…
Interview with the Distillery Manager

GlenWyvis: Matthew Farmer on the world's first community-owned distillery

The story of Scotland's GlenWyvis Distillery began in 2015 with one of the UK's largest crowdfunding campaigns. More than 3,600 backers from over 30 countries and…

Glendalough: Brand Ambassador Aoife Hand about Ireland's first craft distillery

Five friends from Dublin who quit their regular jobs to breathe new life into Ireland's artisanal distilling. That's the genesis of Glendalough. They took inspiration…

Unique Brandies from Italy – Guido Fini Zarri about Villa Zarri

Guido Fini Zarri founded the Villa Zarri brand in 1989, and one year later he launched his first brandy, which he began producing in 1986. However, he had already…
interview lalomba

Alberto Saldón and Rosana Lisa about the new Lalomba site wines of Ramón Bilbao

In the northeast of Spain lies the winery Ramón Bilbao. In the traditional Rioja region, the estate produces wines with a unique personality that are highly appreciated…
Compagnie des Indes

Authentic rums from all around the world: Florent Beuchet about Compagnie des Indes

How international can a rum brand be? Compagnie des Indes answers this question like this: A Frenchman founded a company in 2014 after working in New York. He sources…
“The Rum of Mayan Gods”

El Salvador's only rum producer: Master Blender Gabriela Ayala about Cihuatán Rum

Cihuatán Rum is described as "The Rum of the Mayan Gods". The word "Cihuatán" means "next to the woman". Legend has it that many centuries ago a Mayan goddess…
Mr Black Teaser
From Australia

"Craft Coffee for the Night": Founder Tom Baker about his Mr Black Coffee Liquor

"For some, coffee is more than caffeine. It's a religion. A ritual. It's our culture. And if it's yours, this is for you." Mr Black Roasters & Distillers was…
CIVB Interview Teaser
Winegrowers’ Association

Interview: The CIVB about his work and Bordeaux wines

Since 1948, the Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux (CIVB), the Bordeaux Wine Association, has been the link for representatives from all sectors of the…

Whisky with a Viking Soul: Senior Brand Ambassador Martin Markvardsen on Highland Park

Highland Park Distillery is the northernmost whisky distillery in Scotland. It is located on the Orkney Islands – where the climate is harsh and wild. These characteristics…
interview isle of harris
Social Distillery

For, with and from the Isle of Harris - Simon Erlanger about the Isle of Harris Distillery

Anyone who has ever been to the Scottish island of Harris knows about its beauty and the deep sense of homeland of its inhabitants. The friendliness with which guests…
Non-alcoholic spirits

Shooting star from "Down Under" – LYRE'S founder Mark Livings in interview

As the world's most awarded non-alcoholic spirits producer, the Australian company Lyre's is one of the leading non-alcoholic spirits brands worldwide. Behind this…
Limestone Branch Distillery

Whiskey by tradition and passion: Steve Beam about Yellowstone

In 2010, Steve Beam and his brother Paul Beam founded Limestone Branch Distillery in Kentucky, USA. In doing so, they followed a long family tradition: on his father's…
Mediterranean gin

Premium gin with multi-layered Mediterranean flavors - Francesco Angotti about Gin Mare

Gin Mare combines the diverse cultures and botanical specialties of the Mediterranean like no other gin. The premium gin has reached a top position among gins worldwide…
Encounter between land and sea

Caprisius Gin: Founder Luca Stabile about the official gin of the island of Capri

Caprisius Gin by Luca Stabile creates the perfect marriage between land and sea. The official gin of the island of Capri is made with local botanicals such as juniper,…
julien morel
100% Agave Tequila

A New Era Of Tequila - Julien Morel about "Volcán de mi Tierra"

Volcán de mi Tierra is the new premium tequila from Moët Hennessy. Aromatically, it lets the highlands and lowlands of the Mexican state of Jalisco merge with…
Made in Italy

ADRIATICO: Jean-Robert Bellanger about his Amaretto

The creation of spirits is often associated with a formative experience. This is also the case with ADRIATICO Amaretto – and it is truly Italian. It all began…
Interview Brockmans Gin
New Western Style pioneer

"A gin like no other": Global Brand Ambassador Mike Whatmough on Brockmans

"To create a gin like no other; one that is both intense and smooth, and one that people love to drink neat over ice" – this clear, yet ambitious goal was set…
Interview Giancarlo Mancino
Mancino, Rinomato and Sei Bellissimi

By tradition and passion: Giancarlo Mancino about his brands

Originally from Italy, Giancarlo Mancino dedicates his life to the bar and beverage culture. He is one of the most awarded and respected bartenders in the world,…
From the Netherlands

Sir Edmond Gin: Fleur Vonk about the Gin, the Vanilla and the Flamingo

From the Netherlands has come with Sir Edmond a gin, which has a more than unusual character. Meant, however, not only the taste, but the entire appearance. Named…
eminente rum

New beginning of Cuban rum - César Augusto Martí Marcelo about Eminente Reserva

Eminente is a new Cuban rum from the heart of an island called by the locals "Isla del Cocodrilo", whose unusual shape resembles that of the native crocodile there.…
Master Distiller

Hendrick's: Lesley Gracie on her journey into the industry, gin and her love of experimentation

More than 22 years ago, Lesley Gracie developed a gin for William Grant & Sons at the request of Charlie Gordon, a great-grandson of the founder William Grant.…