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Since 1964, the Moccamaster has been considered the gold standard among coffee lovers worldwide. Each machine is manufactured by Technivorm in the Netherlands – carefully by hand. With its distinctive design and choice of over 20 colors, Moccamaster makes a stylish statement in any kitchen. Technivorm is committed to using environmentally friendly materials and has created a modular design that allows for easy maintenance. These features make the Moccamaster a sustainable and durable choice.

In this interview, Rob van Cooten, Operational Manager at Moccamaster, talks about the company’s values, sustainable production and the brand’s future prospects. He also explains how Moccamaster sets itself apart from the competition through quality, design and customer proximity.

Mr. van Cooten, please briefly introduce yourself to our readers: What is your position at Moccamaster?

Rob van Cooten: I am the Operational Manager at Moccamaster and responsible for day-to-day operations, marketing and sales. At Moccamaster we have four sales offices around the world, ours is responsible for the European market.

You are the grandson of the founder of Technivorm, the company behind Moccamaster. Can you tell us how your childhood and your relationship with your grandfather influenced your attitude towards the company and its products?

Rob van Cooten: I remember him as a distinguished man. He was always well-dressed and very charismatic. That made a big impression on me as a child. Until shortly before his death in 2018, he still went around the factory every day and chatted to everyone. He appreciated my interest in the company and once hinted that he would like to see me working there. I wasn’t so sure myself for a long time.

moccamaster rob van cooten

Rob van Cooten

Through vacation work, where I learned to repair the machines, I developed a certain affinity for the product and an admiration for the way he built the company. But I also realized that I still had a lot to learn to really follow in his footsteps. Since joining Moccamaster full time, I feel more confident and am learning every day what it means to run a business. Hopefully one day I will be able to run the company, but that will of course take some time.

2024 marks the 60th anniversary of Technivorm. Can you tell us more about the planned anniversary version of the KBG Select? How does this model reflect the history and future of Moccamaster?

Rob van Cooten: In these 60 years, Technivorm has developed a whole range of different machines. The development of the KB741 started in 1974 and was launched on the market in 1976. The KB741 marked a major development for Technivorm, as the machine was made of aluminum and not plastic. This gave it a higher quality appearance, but also made it more robust. It was a product with an iconic design – this machine is known today as the KBG Select.


The design also forms the basis for other models, such as the KBGT with thermos flask or the Cup-One, a machine for one cup. The machine has a modular design, which makes it 100 percent repairable. For us, repairability is anchored in the soul of the company and has always been normal for us, but today it is exceptional. Most of today’s products cannot be repaired, they are thrown away when something is broken. As Moccamaster, we stand for making a reliable coffee machine that makes the most delicious coffee. That’s also how I see our future. We stand by our quality and will work every day to maintain it.

Over the last 60 years, the coffee market has changed considerably. What trends do you currently see in the coffee market and how is Moccamaster positioning itself in this dynamic environment?

Rob van Cooten: Current trends that I see are the importance of coffee quality, sustainability and design. Since the growth of the specialty coffee market, coffee has become something of a hobby for many people. But this also means that people are more critical when it comes to their coffee. So we need to stay at the forefront. In 2023, we introduced a new coffee grinder for real coffee lovers. We also have ourselves regularly tested and certified by various independent testing bodies, we work with coffee experts and we listen to feedback from the market.


In terms of sustainability, we source 95% of our materials from Europe to minimize our carbon footprint and we still make our models by hand in the Netherlands. With every product improvement, we try to adapt it to the previous models so that the parts are still interchangeable and people don’t have to throw away their Moccamaster after five years. In terms of design, we recently introduced a Color of the Year Edition for the first time, which we will relaunch every year.

Moccamaster plans to release a limited edition in a trend color every year, starting with the color apricot in March. Can you tell us more about how the idea for this annual color edition came about and what Moccamaster wants to achieve with this strategy?

Rob van Cooten: With the Color of the Year machine, we don’t want to follow a trend, we want to set a trend. It gives design-conscious coffee lovers the opportunity to seamlessly integrate their coffee machine into their interior. When looking for a new color, we gather information about next year’s trends in various markets and sectors, such as fashion and interior design. This information is transformed into a range of options for a new KBG Select color and then we decide which one we think is the best. The Colour of the Year 2024, Apricot, symbolizes transition and renewal. It says goodbye to winter and welcomes the arrival of spring.


Sustainability is a key issue for Moccamaster. Can you explain in more detail how the principles of sustainability are integrated into the production and design of your coffee machines?

Rob van Cooten: I have already mentioned most of these points. An addition to this is that we have recently installed solar panels on our factory to reduce our carbon footprint. We are also looking for ways to make our production processes safer and more ergonomic because we care about the well-being of our employees.

The refurbishment program for old machines is a fascinating initiative. How exactly does this program work, and what significance does it have for your company’s sustainability goals?

Rob van Cooten: With the increase in online sales, more appliances are automatically returned because they have been damaged during transportation. We wanted to give a second chance to machines that we can’t sell as new because they have a scratch on the casing, for example. These machines are carefully checked, repaired, tested and cleaned so that they are as good as new. If our quality standards are met, the machines are guaranteed for three years from the date of purchase. By refurbishing them, we aim to reduce waste and promote a circular economy.

Moccamaster attaches great importance to customer satisfaction and product longevity. How do you ensure the high quality and longevity of your coffee machines and how important is customer feedback in product development?

Rob van Cooten: All Moccamaster machines are handmade and individually tested. If a fault occurs during production, we rectify it immediately in 99 percent of cases. We also keep our machines minimalist and mechanical so that not much can break. The machines have the same components so that we can make them as reliable as possible and focus on improving certain parts of the product.


Feedback from our customers is very important to us and we are always looking for improvements and analyzing our repairs. We also listen to our customers when we deal with them in our service and marketing departments. We accept their feedback and analyze it as well.

The market for coffee machines is highly competitive. How does Moccamaster position itself against the competition, particularly in terms of quality, design and sustainability?

Rob van Cooten: Your question already outlines and names our three pillars: quality, design and sustainability – these are the points that set us apart. The most important point in terms of overall quality is the quality of the coffee – after all, we make coffee machines.We are still at the top of the market for filter coffee machines. This is because every part does its job to extract the best coffee flavor. Our machine is very reliable in this respect, so you can expect a consistently good tasting cup of coffee.

With our design, we can adapt the Moccamaster to any interior and offer the largest selection of colors on the market. Because the design is so timeless, a Moccamaster is also future-proof. Although sustainability is a company-wide issue, our machines are proof of our commitment in this area.We make them durable and repairable and give a five-year guarantee. This success is reflected daily in the love of our users, some of whom still have a machine that is 20 to 30 years old.

What can we expect from Moccamaster in the future? Are there any plans for new products, innovations or initiatives that you can share with us?

Rob van Cooten: We can’t wait to celebrate our 100th anniversary, but to do that we have to stay one step ahead of the market in terms of quality, design and sustainability. I can’t reveal too much about upcoming projects, but I can promise that they will be 100 percent Moccamaster.

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