„From Seed to Sip“ – Luis Niño de Rivera about Mezcal Amarás

Mezcal Amarás is a leading producer of award-winning mezcal that is characterized by a sustainable and holistic philosophy. The company was founded over a decade ago and is now known for its ethical approach to production, with a focus on social, economic and environmental responsibility.

In this interview, Luis Niño de Rivera, co-founder and operations manager of Mezcal Amarás, talks about the brand’s philosophy, its successes and the various projects it supports. He also provides insights into the extensive product portfolio and future plans, particularly on the German market.

Please introduce yourself first: What position do you work in at Mezcal Amarás and what are your responsibilities?

Luis Niño de Rivera: I am Luis Niño de Rivera, cofounder and operations director in charge from seed to bottle delivered to our clients.

How did Mezcal Amarás come about? What is the philosophy behind the brand?

Luis Niño de Rivera: It started 14 years ago when Santiago Suarez invited several partners to create a holistic business model that was responsible and conscious for all the value chain involved (social, economic and environmental) in the creation of mezcal. We launched Mezcal Amarás 13 years ago and now it is a top mezcal company, Mexican owned, with a holistic philosophy while creating award winning mezcals.

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Mezcal Amarás allocates 20% of the net sales of each bottle to the development of internal initiatives to promote social and environmental responsibility. What projects do you support, for example?

Luis Niño de Rivera: We plant in average 7 agaves for each agave harvested, we plan more than 11 different species to maintain the biodiversity, we work with more than 250 families to plant agave, we are carbon neutral since 2018, we work with more than 10 maestros mezcaleros.

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Can you give an overview of the achievements over the last few years?

Luis Niño de Rivera: We celebrated our 10 year anniversary in 2022 with the launch of Mezcal Amaras Ensamble Espadin/Tobala and the Mezcal Amaras Logia Chuparrosa Limited Edition. We launched our first Amaras Logia Delux Agave Horno in 2023 in an auction and raised $6,000 USD for the house of a blind girl with Echale Foundation.

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Four of our mezcales won double gold in the 2023 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. We crossed the threshold of 60,000 9L cases sold. We have more than 500 hectares planted of agave. We launched in 2024 the Mezcal Amaras Americana and the new image of Mezcal Amaras Logia with Madrecuishe Ancestral and Coyote Artisanal.

You support all of these through your products. Which ones are in your regular portfolio?

Luis Niño de Rivera: Regular Porfolio: Mezcal Verde Amaras, Mezcal Amaras Espadin Joven, Mezcal Amaras Espadin Reposado, Mezcal Amaras Cupreata, Mezcal Amaras Ensamble Espadin/Tobala, Mezcal Amaras Americana and Mezcal Amaras Logia Cenizo.

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Then there is the Amarás Logia Horno – Limited edition. Tell us about it!

Luis Niño de Rivera: Every year since our 10th anniversary we will launch a Special Limited Edition of only 400 bottles worldwide. In 2022 we met the mezcal made with agave Horno from the chontal region in Santa Catarina Albarradas made in the ancestral process and we new this was the next Mezcal Amaras Logia Delux.

“From seed to sip” – how and with which ingredients are the products made?

Luis Niño de Rivera: we plant agave in a biological way with zero deforestation, we nurture that agave for at least 7 years with organic ingredients, we transform that agave into mezcal in a natural way, we don’t use any external or lab yeasts nor any chemical accelerants for fermentation. We only use agave and water. We have the artisanal and ancestral process to make mezcal.

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What is the best way to enjoy your products?

Luis Niño de Rivera: We recommend enjoying every one of our products neat and room temperature first to discover the versatility of flavors and aromas mezcal can offer, then you can pair with small appetizers like cheese, olives or chocolate. Finally, a good cocktail can bring a mezcal to life, for example, a white negroni with Mezcal Amaras Cupreata or a Expresso Martini with Mezcal Amaras Espadin Reposado

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In Germany, you work together with Winefactory for distribution. How did this collaboration come about? What is special about it?

Luis Niño de Rivera: It started since 2015 when we were looking for a specialized importer in Germany that had an interesting portfolio, one where ours would fit perfectly and that they worked the on trade educating about their products.

What plans do you have for Mezcal Amarás – especially in Germany? What is your vision for the German market?

Luis Niño de Rivera: Germany is one of the main markets worldwide for agave spirits in general. Consumers are trendsetters and look for authentic and artisanal products. We are sure our portfolio can keep playing a key role in educating the German consumer about mezcal and inviting them to immerse themselves in the versatilities and multiple expressions and experiences the mezcal can deliver. How this mystic spirit can surprise and be part of their gastronomic life.

Which new products can we expect?

Luis Niño de Rivera: Every year we have 2 limited editions in the Mezcal Amaras Logia portfolio. One artisanal and one ancestral. As well as new ensambles coming out in the Mezcal Amaras range.

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