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Severo, Authentic Mexican Tequila Brand Launches in US

04From Tequilera Don Roberto, and imported by San Francisco’s Hotaling & Co., Severo makes its U.S. debut today.

Made from 100 percent blue Weber agave and available in four unique expressions, Severo is an ultra-premium, and authentic Mexican craft tequila, made for sipping. The U.S. launch marks Hotaling & Co.’s expansion of its tequila portfolio and its dynamic family of spirits brands. Severo is now available for purchase in-store and online at retailers in California and New Jersey and will be rolling out to additional states and nationwide later this year.

“Created in homage to the centuries’ old history of true tequila, Severo is for tequila sipping experts and mixologists alike, as well as everyday Americans who know where good taste lies,” said Miguel Rivas, brand co-owner and co-creator at Severo. “We’re excited to introduce this Mexican tradition to U.S. tequila drinkers.”

severo tequila

Established in 1924, Tequilera Don Roberto is one of two remaining Mexican-owned heritage tequila businesses and is still owned and operated within the founder’s family. The recipes used today are direct descendants of the original distillery, nearly 100-years-old carrying the rich history of Post-Revolutionary Mexico – with the strong raw energy, pride and emotion of that period.

Severo is an embodiment of that period of hardship and struggle that led to the birth of the country’s national identity and its national drink: tequila. Hand-crafted in small batches from 100 percent estate-grown blue Weber agave, Severo’s 100-year-old recipe is bold yet exceptionally smooth to meet the standards of the modern tequila drinker. The flavor is agave-forward with a strong finish and is made to be enjoyed neat.

“We’re excited to announce the launch of Severo tequila in the United States,” says Hotaling & Co. CEO and president Dan Leese. “With its authentic Mexican heritage and the commitment to the highest quality tequila, Severo fits perfectly into Hotaling & Co.’s portfolio of likeminded spirits including artisanal gins, whiskeys, liqueurs and more.”

Each bottle is hand-dated, numbered and packaged in an artisan bottle that reflects the era and craftsmanship behind the spirit. Each of Severo’s four expressions include unique tasting notes to create an authentic flavor and refined finish in every bottle.

Severo Plata (40 proof; 750ml; $49.99 SRP)

Severo Plata is a crystalline and bright tequila with excellent adhesion, rested in stainless steel for six months. The nose exhibits deep aromas of simmering oats, framed by a striking citrus and floral background that leads to punches of grapefruit and licorice. The palate offers a creamy texture enhanced by good acidity provided by the agave juice that leads into a long and deep mineral after taste.

Severo Reposado (40 proof; 750ml; $59.99 SRP)

Severo Reposado is a copper yellow, clean and bright tequila with excellent adhesion. Its aromatic notes are reminiscent of the fresh vanilla bean, sugar, piloncillo and caramel, evidencing barrel aging. In the palate it shows an integrated texture, velvety, inviting, and soft expression, with a post taste of firm bouquet, leading to medium-long extension. The expression is aged in White American Oak barrels for ten months.

Severo Añejo (40 proof; 750ml; $69.99 SRP)

Severo Añejo is an amber-colored tequila; clean and bright with excellent adhesion, aged in White American Oak barrels for eighteen months. Its aromatic notes are reminiscent of toasted wood, fine liqueurs such as cognac and Armagnac, vanilla and butterscotch sweets, also nuts and dried fruits are presents, with some cardamom and dry citrus notes. In the palate it shows attractive and a liqueur-like texture. The post taste is firm with a long and sweet ending.

Severo Añejo Cristalino (40 proof; 750ml; $79.99 SRP)

Severo Añejo Cristalino is clear and bright. Aged in White American Oak barrels for eighteen months, its aromatic notes remind us of cooked white fruits with sugar like pears and apples, with and a subtle hint of cocoa flower. The palate shows a creamy texture under a layered pepper and star anis notes.

Source: Hotaling & Co.

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