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A Smoky Revolution: Agitator Whisky Launches Single Malt Rök in Germany

The innovative Swedish distillery Agitator Whisky is once again setting new standards in the whisky world by expanding its award-winning range on the German market with an exciting whisky creation: the Single Malt Whisky Rök.

Known for their creative approach to the time-honored art of whisky making, Agitator Whisky proudly presents this new product, which will thrill German whisky enthusiasts. The Single Malt Rök is now also available exclusively in the Amazon store.

Smoke Meets Sophistication: Agitator Single Malt Whisky Rök

The newcomer stands out particularly for its unique flavor profile. Carefully crafted, the Single Malt Whisky Rök unfolds a fascinating aroma, where the peaty notes on the nose are accompanied by subtle nuances of light straw and herbs, culminating in a harmonious balance of woodiness. On the palate, the peatiness remains present and develops a multi-layered complexity that reveals new facets with each sip. This is accompanied by delicate hints of dried apricots, adding a pleasant sweetness.

The whisky also matures in former Islay casks and chestnut casks. This aging process gives it a deep and complex character by absorbing the unique properties of the casks. From the smoky, maritime influence of the Islay casks to the rich, nutty nuances of the chestnut casks – each element of the aging process contributes to a complex flavor profile.

“The Agitator Single Malt Rök combines malty notes, leather, and smoke without losing the light style characteristic of Agitator. The whisky also seduces with a soft, inviting aroma. The first sip reveals a rich palette of flavors that perfectly harmonize. From smoke, coal, and ash to a light sweetness and oak tannins,” says Oskar Bruno, Distillery Manager (here in the interview).

Perfect Companions for Social Gatherings:

  • Aromatic cheeses like blue cheese
  • Dark chocolate
  • Oysters or smoked fish, such as salmon

Cocktail Tip: Agitator Penicillin

  • 6 cl Agitator Single Malt Rök
  • 2.25 cl honey-ginger syrup
  • 2.25 cl lemon juice
  • 3 drops of brine
  • Garnish with a lemon slice and a slice of ginger

For more information, visit the website http://agitatorwhisky.com/

Source: Agitator Whisky

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