CAMUS Borderies Cognac
Blend of Single Estate Cognacs

CAMUS Borderies Special Dry – An (even more) intensely aromatic Cognac

The genesis of Borderies Special Dry starts with CAMUS pushing even further the process aimed at revealing the best of the Borderies terroir by using only grapes from the family estate parcels with the maximum aromatic potential. The result is a Cognac with unprecedented fruity and floral aromas, together with a dry taste profile, perfect for mixing.

The design of Borderies Special Dry makes it a perfect companion to any on-the-go experience. Whether it’s for an unwinding moment during a business trip or a cocktail party with friends, the tin flask with its built-in measuring cup offers an elegant and versatile drinking ritual, easy to carry and perfect for sharing.

Borderies Special Dry is a Cognac with the status of design object: the ultimate gift, dedicated to conviviality, for the pleasure of those who enjoy the finest things in life.

Tasting notes

Borderies Special Dry is a blend of Single Estate Cognacs aged between 3 and 8 years. Its creation begins with the selection of Ugni Blanc grapes from 5 family estate plots in the heart of the Borderies cru – recognized for their high aromatic potential.

The aging is carried out in first-fill and second-fill casks from fine-grain Limousine French oak. These casks are mildly toasted and confer to the final Cognac a drier mouthfeel, not overpowered by sweet notes, ideal for mixing.

Designed for travel

Borderies Special Dry introduces a refined restyling on the classic travel flask concept, proposing itself as an essential design object, perfect for consumption at home or on the go.

Who’s gonna win the competition?

Follow CAMUS Cognac’s summer Special Dry mixo challenge and discover new recipes to make the best cocktails with our new cognac Borderies Special Dry.

Borderies Special Dry has been created to be the most aromatic of cognacs, which makes it the ideal partner for your cocktails.

Source: CAMUS

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