Ukiyo Rice Vodka

Ukiyo Japanese rice vodka arrives in Germany

Super-premium Japanese spirits brand Ukiyo has just launched a distinctive rice vodka – an addition to their range which already includes two unique gins that are gaining huge interest.

Ukiyo Japanese Rice Vodka is crafted on the tropical island of Okinawa, in a distillery whose expertise and reputation lies in making the local rice spirit, Awamori, which is indigenous to Okinawa.

The story begins with a harvest of long grain indica rice. This rice is then inoculated with Black kōji which is fermented and then distilled into the traditional Japanese Awamori spirit. From this, the Awamori rice spirit is then redistilled into Ukiyo’s pure rice Vodka which has a delicate fragrant aroma and creamy mouthfeel.

Bottled at 40% ABV, this distinct rice vodka is presented in a unique, smoked glass bottle, with the bottle design mirroring the mountains and seas of Japan.

Available now instore and online:

Source: Ukiyo