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Desperados: Global Marketing Manager Rutger van der Stegen about The Desperados Collective

The Desperados Collective is showcasing the next generation of artists who push the boundaries of creativity. Embracing the brand’s spirit of playful experimentation, the latest edition of the Collective will be brought to life throughout 2022 as part of the new Pour Some Unusual on Your Usual creative platform. For a second year running, Desperados has joined forces with content creators across the globe. There are an Artist Duo, an Artist and Fashion Designer, a Visual Artist, a Digital Studio and an Illustrator in this year. Each rising artist has been paired with a global mentor to inspire new concepts and produce striking artworks that take the same approach to creativity that Desperados is founded upon – a blend of the unexpected.

In this interview with about-drinks, Rutger van der Stegen, Global Marketing Manager at Desperados, talks about the Desperados Collective, the artists, the resulting advertising and further plans.

First of all: Please introduce yourself briefly!

Rutger van der Stegen: I’m Rutger van der Stegen, Global Marketing Manager at Desperados. I am responsible for the global marketing of Desperados brand – including experiential acts, product innovations like Desperados Virgin 0.0% and brand story, deepening consumer meaning within the brand.

What is the Desperados Collective?

Rutger van der Stegen: The Desperados Collective is a group of artists from around the world, who work with Desperados to ignite the spirit of playful experimentation in people and bring it to life in the brand’s advertising. Made up of three rising artists mentored by two established, global artists, we’ve challenged the group to push boundaries and take things beyond the obvious in the work they produce.

How many collectives have there been so far?

Rutger van der Stegen: This year is a second iteration of the Desperados Collective, having launched in 2021. The evolution of the Collective reflects our desire to put creativity at the heart of everything we do, continuing a longstanding commitment to elevate this boundary-pushing creativity and champion emerging talent.

Desperados having partnered with hundreds of DJs, musicians, and artists from all over the world over the years to ignite the party spirit in all we do.

Drcuerda – Artist Duo

Which artists have participated so far?

Rutger van der Stegen: Last year we had eight emerging artists participate in the Desperados Collective with one global creative mentor. This year sees an evolution of the Collective with each rising creative talent being paired with an established artist.

What is the theme of the latest edition of the collective?

Rutger van der Stegen: This year the Desperados Collective mentorship has progressed, with each local emerging artist being partnered with an established global artist.

The collaborative approach will see both artists work together to produce a unique, disruptive artwork that goes beyond the expected for brand advertising and developing something that really does bring to life the mantra of Pour Some Unusual on Your Usual.

Loza Maleombho – Artist and Fashion Designer

Which artists are part of it in 2022?

Rutger van der Stegen: This year, the Desperados Collective consists of five fantastic artists covering a range of mediums:

  • Drcuerda – Artist Duo
  • Loza Maleombho – Artist and Fashion Designer
  • Shuta Bug – Visual Artist
  • Elmotion Lab – Digital Studio
  • PEBE Studio – Illustrator

What is the goal?

Rutger van der Stegen: Our goal is two-fold, both to provide a global springboard for boundary-pushing artists and elevate their profiles through our advertising, but also to more widely celebrate experimental mindsets and those who are unafraid to try new things.

We encourage everyone to embody our shared ethos to try new things and venture into the unexpected!

Shuta Bug – Visual Artist

What exactly is the platform “Pour Some Unusual on Your Usual”?

Rutger van der Stegen: This latest edition of the Desperados Collective kicks off our wider Pour Some Unusual on Your Usual creative platform, which celebrates the experimental mindset of those who free themselves from the judgement of others, those who open up to discovering new, exciting possibilities and aren’t afraid to add a little unusual to their usual day.

Just like we do by adding unusual ingredients like tequila, Cachaca or a Mojito inspiration to beer.

Why is the playful approach to advertising the right one for Desperados?

Rutger van der Stegen: Desperados has spent more than two decades throwing epic parties and driving forward an ever-changing party scene, an unrivalled space to reject the ordinary and push the limits.

With playful experimentation at our core, we’re bringing that distinct Desperados spirit to our advertising with the evolution of the Collective to inspire bold and unexpected artworks from our artists.

Elmotion Lab – Digital Studio

Why does Desperados care about promoting mentorship and creativity? How are these themes reflected in the brand?

Rutger van der Stegen: Desperados has partnered with hundreds of DJs, musicians, and artists from all over the world over the years to ignite the party spirit in all we do. In launching the unique mentorship programme and promoting creative collaboration, we want to propel the artists of tomorrow forward and promote their talent globally.

As part of their involvement in the project, the global artist mentors are working closely with their rising artist to remix their artwork to create something truly extraordinary and collaborative. These unique remixed pieces of art with be showcased through Desperados advertising throughout this year.

Will the Desperados Collective’s advertising also be seen in Germany?

Rutger van der Stegen: The artwork created by the Desperados Collective will live across the brand’s digital advertising worldwide, providing a platform for the creative talent to shine on a global stage. Watch this space for more artworks to be released later in the year, including from an artist in Germany!

PEBE Studio – Illustrator

What other plans does Desperados have for the German market?

Rutger van der Stegen: We cannot say too much at this time, but we have an amazing platform that started last year with Rave to Save, and we will have an extension into this year with some groundbreaking ways of bringing people together and unlocking the energy of dancing together.

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