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Cointreau Releases Limited Edition Bottle Collaboration with Artist INSANE 51

Cointreau, the iconic orange liqueur known for its timeless association with the Margarita, is thrilled to announce the release of an exclusive Limited Edition bottle in collaboration with renowned artist INSANE 51. This artistic tribute pays homage to 75 years of one of the world’s most influential and game-changing cocktails, the Margarita, which first appeared in 1948, mixed by Margaret Sames in Acapulco for her party guests As she famously put it, “a margarita without Cointreau is not worth its salt”.

INSANE 51, is a street art pioneer who creates genre-defying urban murals using his 3D anaglyph technique. With his unprecedented blurring of lines between graffiti, photorealism, illusion, and digital interactivity, INSANE 51’s works delight in bending the rules of street art. It was essential for the Maison to find an artist who sees things differently and has a unique perspective. INSANE 51 has the power to turn every day into the extraordinary, which mirrors the transformative power of Cointreau.


INSANE 51’s unique artistry takes centre stage on this exceptional bottle, which is more than a collector’s item. The artist’s innovative approach, combining Margarita’s birth with Cointreau’s roots in an orange grove, makes it an interactive masterpiece, the first in the Maison’s history. Using a QR code on the bottle, users can embark on a journey of discovery by scanning it to reveal an orange filter that unveils the hidden cocktails and mixology elements within the artwork. It’s a visual 3D experience that will delight all the senses.

“For this project specifically, my inspiration was Cointreau’s origin, its complex blend of orange peel essences, and of course, the iconic Original Margarita and the world of mixology as a whole. I used orange to represent the essence and origins of Cointreau and blue to symbolize mixology and the Art of the Mix. Cointreau, through my eyes, is a mythic brand, a pioneer of cocktail and mixology culture, and I needed my artwork to capture that” Insane 51

The liquid inside the bottle is the famous Cointreau Unique, the French liqueur made using sweet and bitter orange peels. What makes Cointreau so unique are the over 40 aromatic notes that can be uncovered in the crystal-clear liquid (see the Aroma Wheel on the website here), making it uber versatile for mixing cocktails or pairing with food.

The Limited edition bottle will be rolled out over various markets globally as part of a 2-year campaign. Launching in the UK this week with an allocation of around 150 bottles, this limited-edition bottle is available exclusively at premium retailer Fortnum & Mason. With limited stock, this is a golden opportunity for cocktail enthusiasts and collectors to own a piece of cocktail history. Limited edition bottles will also be available in the following markets; France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, UAE, Greece, and Hong Kong.

UK RRP £32.50 Stockists Fortnum & Mason

The Original Cointreau Margarita Recipe


30 ml Cointreau
50 ml Blanco tequila
20 ml fresh lime juice


1. Make a salt rim on your glass
2. Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice
3. Shake vigorously
4. Strain into a Margarita glass
5. Garnish with a lime wheel

About Cointreau

Since its creation in Angers, France, in 1849, Maison Cointreau has been driven by the creative energy that has brought it to life. The iconic orange liqueur has retained its original characteristics, inspired by its visionary creator and lives on today at the heart of more than 500 cocktails, including the original Margarita and the Cosmopolitan. Cointreau liqueur’s distinctive character results from the meticulous selection, harmony, and distillation of sweet and bitter orange peel essences, a task entrusted to Maison Cointreau’s Master Distiller. Balance, crystal-clear and unique, with exceptional organoleptic qualities, it’s a staple for bartenders and at-home cocktail enthusiasts worldwide.

Artistic partnerships have been a tradition at Cointreau. One it quietly pioneered while its iconic liqueur was busy reshaping modern mixology. Cointreau’s artistic adventure officially began in 1898 with one of Europe’s first advertising films, produced by a camera operator who worked with the Lumière Brothers themselves.

Then came the Golden Age of the advertising poster, which saw the Maison commission works from some of the most renowned graphic artists of the time: France’s Henri Gustave Jossot, the Italian artist Nicolas Tamagno, German illustrator Carl-Hap, and Charles Loupot, the French illustrator credited with breathing new life into advertising posters of the post-war years.

The Cointreau family itself birthed its own artistic talents, like Jean Adrien Mercier, grandson of Édouard Cointreau, who would go on to modernize the Maison’s branding and later become a leading cinema poster artist of the interwar period. Ever since, Cointreau has made it a point to showcase the work of bold, contemporary artists and designers, including Vincent Darré, Laetitia Casta, and Dita Von Teese. INSANE 51’s forward-thinking approach and game-changing twists on his genre were a perfect match for the avant-garde spirit of the Maison.

About INSANE 51

The Greek artist INSANE 51 has made an international name for himself as a pioneer of street art thanks to his game-changing anaglyphic murals. His work challenges the traditional boundaries between painting, photography, digital art, and graffiti, harnessing the magic of 3-D illusion to captivate viewers. He received formal training in applied and graphic arts at the Athens School of Fine Arts—though he had already begun creating street murals at age 15. Often, subliminal messages hidden with his striking, signature red and cyan murals are revealed through the use of stereoscopic glasses.

For his collaboration with Cointreau, INSANE 51 invites viewers to interact with the bottle for the first time in the Maison’s history, immersing themselves in his work—and Cointreau’s heritage—via a specially-built app.

Source: Cointreau

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