The Gardener Gin – created by Brad Pitt, the Perrin Family and Tom Nichol

Brad Pitt, the Perrin Family and Tom Nichol launched The Gardener Gin, which was officially presented at the Carlton during the 2023 Cannes Film Festival. To celebrate the reopening of this famous French Riviera hotel, the iconic “Secret Garden” cocktail has been created by its bartenders in collaboration with the gin legend, Tom Nichol, one of the world’s pre-eminent Master Distiller. Radiating the French Riviera spirit around the world, The Gardener Gin celebrates an incomparable Night & Day art-de-vivre that the exceptional Cannes Festival has embodied for over half a century.

After amassing over 40 years of experience in the art of making gin – he forged his name at Tanqueray where he perfected his craft and received Lifetime Achievement Award from the Gin Guild in 2015 – Tom Nichol decided to create the ultimate London Dry Gin that he has always dreamed of. Like a rare organic grand cru, with a unique, intense taste, The Gardener Gin is a return to the classic, combining both purity of flavor and elegance thanks to the exceptional quality of its fresh citruses. Made from wheat in copper stills, the gin rests upon a canvas of juniper, licorice, angelica and coriander. It is a melding of lush greens and brilliant golds, laced through with an unconventional blend of both fresh and dry citruses – pink grapefruit, bright lemon and the yin and yang of sweet and bitter orange from Cap d’Antibes area.

Brad Pitt (l.) and Matthieu Perrin (Copyright: The Gardener Gin)

Matthieu Perrin (co-founder): “The light of the French Riviera is a lifeblood. Here, in this place blessed by the gods, the earth is tended by The Gardener. The Gardener works in harmony with the shifts of the season, the exchange of warmth and cold, the pleasures of living well.With the wisdom of experience, the gift of intuition, the whim of experimentation, The Gardener builds a recipe that combines the mystery of nature with the pleasure of knowledge. The Gardener tends earth, time, all the while guarding a way of life that exists nowhere else in the world.”

An abundance of the land

From Christian Dior and Brigitte Bardot to Grace Kelly and The Rolling Stones, the French Riviera is a place dreamers and artists have sought for centuries. Its citrus groves and honeysuckle hedges have called to Picasso; its gentle hills to Cézanne; its regal cypresses to Van Gogh; its fairytale forests to Matisse. Over many long afternoons and evenings spent sharing in the abundance of the land, the Famille Perrin and Brad Pitt birthed an idea. An endeavor to create a mirror of the French Riviera – to bottle up its very essence so that the world, too, might experience its beauty. Within those moments of conviviality, they dreamed up a spirit that could convey the light, aromas and flavors of the land.

Instinctively, they knew it must be a gin, a spirit with the rare ability to translate terroir. A gin of the French Riviera, The Gardener would encapsulate the art-de-vivre – the art of living – in this special place. Each an expert of their craft, the Perrins and Brad sought an equal who could bring their vision to life. In Tom Nichol, somebody with the same commitment to quality without compromise, they observed a shared pursuit of beauty. With this triptych of creators, The Gardener was born of a mutual love of the French Riviera and all its art de vivre.

About The Gardener Gin

The Gardener is a reflection of the beauty and allure of the French Riviera. It is a London Dry gin that captures the light, elegance and art de vivre of this celebrated place. Conceived of and handcrafted by the Brad Pitt, Famille Perrin and Tom Nichol, The Gardener is an expression of the land we cultivate and guard for the generations to come. It is a quest for perfection, dreamed up by friends who share a dedication to art and craft. An encapsulation of the abundance of the region—sunlight to fresh citrus to wild herbs—The Gardener translates the terroir of the French Riviera and its singular way of life. It is the alchemy of nature, intuition, time and imagination. Within each of us a gardener.

Source: The Gardener Gin

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