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Lowland Single Malt Distillery Rosebank launches Chapter One of The Revival Series

Rosebank Distillery, producer of Lowland single malt whiskies, has always been a mysterious existence for connoisseurs. In the past two years, it has launched the extremely rare vintage expressions drawn from casks that were salvaged before the original distillery’s closure.

The long history of Rosebank was once interrupted when the gate of the distillery untimely closed in 1993. Since then, Rosebank entered a long sleep and remained inactive. As the distillery was reawakened in recent years, in the year of 2023, it produced its first batch of newly distilled whisky in more than 30 years, and matured it in oak barrels. To mark this pivotal moment in the history of Rosebank, and to celebrate the beginning of the new chapter of the Rosebank era, the distillery launched the legendary ‘The Revival Series’ in the same year. According to the announcement of the distillery, the Series will release six expressions in the coming years. Elegant and in full bloom, the first release is ‘Chapter One’ – a 30-year single malt whisky created exclusively for the Asian market, with a rare, limited release of 800 bottles worldwide.

Coming out in August this year.

The first expression of Rosebank’s Revival Series –
The 30-year-old single malt ‘Chapter One’
A special gift dedicated to Asia

The first expression released after the distillery’s restoration, also a rare treasure from the first year of the distillery’s rebirth, the 30-year Lowland single malt is a beautiful combination of the feathery floral aroma from the classic triple distillation and the richness from the traditional worm tub condensers, creating a classic and unparalleled tribute to Rosebank.

The signature gold colour of Rosebank shines with an amber glow. The splendid floral nose spreads like a sea of blooming flowers, followed by the sweetness of melted cream and the subtle hints of nutmeg, interlaced with the sweetness of French fudge and the refreshing mint. Take a sip and experience the symphony of unleashed liveliness and lightness, topped with a blossom of floral aromas and delicious berries. The finish is a mixture of sweetness of citrus the refreshing zesty flavour of lemon peel, elegant out of this world, like a stroll in the sea of flowers.

Ian Macleod Distillers Taiwan Marketing Manager Ines Chang (l.) and Brand Ambassador Rax Ho, The Revival Series is develped exclusively for Asian market, 300 bottles limited to Taiwan.

When Rosebank meets Kimpton Taiwan Hotel
A luxury Rosebank package is born

Equally modern and elegant, the ‘Rosebank Luxury Tasting Journey’ is the fruit of the first collaboration between Rosebank’s single malt whisky and Kimpton Taiwan Hotel, a boutique hotel under the InterContinental Hotels Group. The moment guests check into Kimpton Taiwan Hotel, the charm of Rosebank starts to bloom. From room card design, amenities, room decorations to welcome gifts, every detail embodies the ingenuity and meticulous planning connected with Rosebank. In addition to the in-room bouquets designed by Rosebank’s exclusive florists, guests can also enjoy a glass of Rosebank’s ‘Chapter One’ of the Revival Series, the 30-year single malt whisky that is the first expression of the Series. Served directly by the room service, the glass is the embodiment of the ultimate luxurious Rosebank experience.

If you would like to embark on a journey of fine dining, it is also possible to purchase The Tavernist set when reserving your room. Designed by the well-known design duo Neri&Hu, the hidden dining area is decorated with a luxurious twist from the 1970s. The extraordinary feast is brought by the team led by James Sharman, the culinary director who worked at Noma – one of the world’s top 50 restaurants – and London’s Michelin two-star restaurant Tom Aikens. The menu is especially designed to pair with the Rosebank whisky, taking the taste buds to an unforgettable ride with the new lowland legend.

The ‘Kimpton Taiwan x Rosebank Luxury Tasting Journey’ is open for reservations on August 8. Please visit Kimpton Taiwan Hotel’s official website to book the package. There is only one Rosebank Suite available per day. The package is available from September 1 to October 15. Don’t miss out the chance to embrace a once-in-a-lifetime romantic journey.

Ian Macleod Distillers Taiwan Brand Ambassador Rax Ho, emphasize the series is bottled at cask strength.

The first expression of the Rosebank ‘Revival’ Series –
30-Year single malt whisky ‘Chapter One’

  • Colour: Bright gold yellow with an amber glow
  • Nose: The beautiful floral aroma spreads like a sea of flowers, followed by the sweetness of melted cream, with a subtle spicy hint of nutmeg, the sweetness of French fudge and the refreshing mint.
  • Palate: Light and full of vitality, the floral aroma explodes in the mouth, delicious berries and rich syrup make the mouth moist, bringing out the delicate, matured oak aroma.
  • Finish: The scent of flowers lingers, the sweetness of citrus and the zesty note of lemon peel create a fragrant breeze in the mouth.

800 bottles are exclusively available in Asia.
700ml; A.B.V. 49%
MSRP: 86,000 NTD.

Source: Rosebank

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