Frankfurt International Trophy 2023: Gold for Sake Startup Go-Sake

Berlin based Sake Startup Go-Sake was awarded with Gold at the Frankfurt International Trophy 2023. The prestigious award as the best Japanese submission highlights the quality and refinement of handcrafted Go-Sake.

The company is proud to bring the tradition and culture of Japanese Sake to the world and looks forward to further collaboration with Sake enthusiasts worldwide.

Awarded was in Frankfurt the Junmai Ginjo Sake brewed by the Arimitsu Brewery in Kochi. This Junmai Ginjo Sake stands out for its outstanding brewing craftwork. It is made from high-quality rice and water and is handcrafted by experienced brewmasters. This Sake offers a perfect balance of taste and aroma, with a long and smooth finish.

The Frankfurt International Trophy is one of the most prestigious wine and spirits competitions in the world. It brings together experts from the industry each year to evaluate the best products in various categories.

“We are honored to receive this prestigious award for the Junmai Ginjo Go-Sake and we look forward to introducing Go-Sake to a wider audience and sharing our passion for this ancient craft.” – Dr. Bastian Schwithal, CEO of Go-Sake.

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Go-Sake is there! Japanese Craft Sake-to-go! Go-Sake curates Premium Sake from little Craft Sake Breweries and stands for a new modern way of Sake consumption, in a contemporary packaging. Awarded with Gold at the Frankfurt International Trophy / 88 Points at MEININGERS WEINWELT / Double Silver @ Berlin Craft Spirits.

Source: Go-Sake

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