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Fast-Growing Licor 43 Expands Portfolio with New Licor 43 Horchata in the U.S.

With Mediterranean flavors of tiger nut, spice, and citrus, Licor 43 Horchata vegan cream liqueur has landed in America, marking the first brand extension in the U.S. from Licor 43, the best-selling Spanish liqueur in the world.

“For people who enjoy Licor 43, and for those who appreciate the taste of high-quality cream liqueurs, we’re very excited to introduce Licor 43 Horchata here in the U.S.,” says Bill Corbett, CEO of Zamora Company USA, the U.S. division of Madrid-based Zamora Company, the brand owner of Licor 43. “Over the past year, we’ve seen substantial growth for Licor 43 in the market, and this line extension will undoubtedly help increase that broad popularity and success of the brand.”

According to recent Nielsen figures, Licor 43 posted value growth of almost +29% in the U.S., compared to +25% growth in the overall cordial category. In 2020, Licor 43 was up +25.4%, and the company expects the brand to increase by +25% again this year, as Licor 43 approaches the 100,000-case milestone in the U.S.

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Licor 43 Horchata is a light and creamy fusion of Licor 43 Original and traditional horchata (the drink from Valencia, Spain, that’s typically made by blending tiger nut, sugar, cinnamon, and citrus). At 16% alcohol by volume, the new Licor 43 Horchata is crafted from a 100% vegetable base, so it’s dairy free, gluten free, nut free, and completely vegan (tiger nuts are roots, not actually nuts, but have a sweet nut-like taste). With an aroma of spice, citrus, and roasted nuts, and a delicately sweet and refreshing taste, Licor 43 Horchata is delicious in cocktails or perfect chilled and poured over ice.

“Licor 43 Horchata provides a much-needed dairy free and vegan option among cream liqueurs, a growing category that has experienced considerable recent consumer interest,” adds Corbett.

About Licor 43

Legend says that 2,000 years ago in the Mediterranean city of Cartagena, Spain, a delicious elixir that the Romans called “Liquor Mirabilis” was made. Inspired by this elixir, since 1946, the Zamora family has been making Licor 43, a delicious liqueur with a characteristic golden tone. Licor 43 is produced exclusively in Cartagena, created from a secret age-old family recipe of 43 natural ingredients. Licor 43 is the star of the popular “Original Carajillo” cocktail, made from Licor 43 and espresso, poured over ice. For more information, please visit

About Zamora Company USA

The U.S. division of Spain’s Zamora Company, the passionate and experienced team at Dallas, Texas-based Zamora Company USA manages sales, distribution, execution, and marketing for Licor 43, Double Cross Vodka, Yellow Rose Whiskey, Martin Miller’s Gin, Lolea Sangria, Don Papa Rum, Villa Massa Limoncello, plus Spanish wines Ramon Bilbao, Cruz De Alba, and Mar de Frades.

Source: Zamora Company USA

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