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waterdrop®, Europe’s Fastest Growing CPG E-Commerce Brand, Enters the U.S. Market

waterdrop®, the fastest growing consumer packaged goods brand in Europe, makes its debut in the United States through its ecommerce site (waterdrop.com) and a soon-to-open retail flagship in Miami, FL. The company is on a mission to inspire its growing global community to drink more water with the world’s first microdrink, compact sugar-free cubes that dissolve in water, while also battling the ecological footprint of prefilled bottled beverages.

Since launching in 2017, waterdrop® has experienced tremendous growth at a consistent rate of 400 percent per year, and sold more than 200M microdrinks to date. With 15 brick-and-mortar stores and more than 1M customers across Europe, waterdrop® aims to expand its community of brand enthusiasts stateside.

waterdrop® offers consumers an enhanced and customizable approach to hydration with its proprietary mircrodrinks, made from real fruit and plant extracts in a variety of flavors, along with steel, glass and bamboo bottles and other reusable beverage accessories. Its ingredients are sourced directly from trusted farmers around the globe and all microdrinks are free of artificial flavors, sugar, gluten, and lactose. Rooted in sustainability, waterdrop® provides an antidote to the ecological damage caused by traditional prefilled bottled beverages. By packaging and shipping only the essence of flavored drinks in its microdrink cubes, waterdrop® eliminates up to 98 percent of unnecessary packaging and CO2 emissions compared to the transport of traditional bottled drinks. Further, through its partnership with Plastic Bank, waterdrop® collects one plastic bottle from the environment for every microdrink pack sold, making it a plastic-positive company.

With prominent backers including Alexandre Arnault, Pierre Morizet Kosciusko and more, waterdrop® is set to make a splash in the U.S. market. The company will open its first domestic retail storefront on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach later this Spring, with plans for additional retail locations to follow.

“waterdrop® has grown exponentially over the past five years, achieving key milestones such as converting millions of customers into brand loyalists, saving more than 30 million plastic bottles from landfill, welcoming nearly 200 team members, and opening 15 brick-and-mortar stores internationally,” said Martin Murray, CEO and Founder of waterdrop®. “We look forward to replicating our success in Europe in the U.S. market and introducing our innovative, sustainable, and healthy products that encourage consumers to drink more water.”

waterdrop® is now available for orders in the US, with bottles ranging from $35 – 55 and its microdrinks priced at $11/for a pack of 12. At launch, waterdrop® offers four unique flavor options: BOOST (blackcurrant, elderflower and acai), YOUTH (peach, ginger, ginseng and aloe), GLOW (mango, cactus fruit and artichoke) and ZEN (star fruit, thyme and lemongrass). For more information, please visit www.waterdrop.com.

About waterdrop®

waterdrop® is on a mission to inspire a global community to drink more water. The world’s first microdrink, waterdrop® features compact, sugar-free cubes that dissolve in water, enriching it with natural fruits, plants and vitamins. Founded in Vienna (Austria) in 2016, waterdrop® is committed to designing innovative, sustainable, and healthy products that encourage consumers to stay hydrated while battling the ecological footprint of pre-filled bottled beverages.

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Photo: by Tom Official on Unsplash