Jekaterina Stuģe
Jekaterina Stuģe

Amber Beverage Group names new CEO

The Chief Executive Officer of Amber Beverage Group (ABG), Seymour Ferreira, will be leaving the company, and Jekaterina Stuģe, current CFO and COO of the Group, has been appointed as acting CEO effective from 1 December.

She will assume her new responsibilities to ensure continuity and the smooth running of the business. Despite the change in leadership, ABG will continue its business as usual across all regions.

Over the last seven years the Group has grown significantly, nearly doubling its business and expanding internationally through a series of acquisitions, adding companies in the United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, Russia, Mexico, the Baltic States and Cyprus. The Group has further enhanced its international operations by establishing and enlarging its footprint in Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe from which the Group will continue to benefit going forward.

The position of acting CEO will be taken over by Jekaterina, an experienced commercial leader with a strong financial background and in-depth knowledge of the business processes. She has been with the Group for more than 6 years, being responsible for some of the key elements of the Group’s operations in Finance, IT, Production, Warehousing and Logistics, as well as a position on the Group’s Board and Supervisory Board shaping the Group’s strategy.

“It has been my pleasure to work side by side with Seymour for all these years building ABG’s development strategy. Our ambitions remain the same and together with our partners we are on a steady path to reaching them. All of us would like to take this opportunity to thank Seymour for his efforts in establishing the Group and fostering its development over the past seven years,” said Jekaterina Stuģe.

“I am proud to have been given the opportunity to transform ABG into a truly international company. Together we have reached levels that would have been unimaginable 7.5 years ago when I joined SPI. I am confident that in the years to come, ABG will continue to be a shining light for the Group,” said Seymour Ferreira.

Amber Beverage Group is a holding company that has grown from its original core production business established in 1900, to become the global company that unites over 2,000 employees in almost 20 companies across four continents. ABG operates internationally from its head office in Luxembourg through its production and distribution companies in Russia, Mexico, UK, Australia, Austria and the Baltics. It is a leading producer, distributor, logistic provider and retailer of alcoholic beverages.

Source: Amber Beverage Group

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