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USA: Monster Energy Unveils New Juice Monster Aussie Style Lemonade

Aussie Style Lemonade is the latest big personality to join the Juice Monster lineup. Inspired by the land down under with over 10,000 beaches, Aussie Style Lemonade is bursting with flavor. This new recipe is Monster’s twist on classic lemonade, hitting the ideal balance of tart and sweet. As always, it’s mixed with the world-famous Monster Energy Blend.

“We know our customers are looking for full flavored profiles in the Juice Monster brand,” said Monster Energy’s Chief Marketing Officer Dan McHugh. “We knew we were going to make a lemonade, but we had to make it in our own unique style, Aussie Style Lemonade is 100% Monster Approved.”

Uncompromising in flavor, the Juice Monster Aussie Style Lemonade comes in a colorful can with ocean graphics reminiscent of The Great Barrier Reef. Made with real juice, Juice Monster Aussie Style Lemonade is a flavor like no other. Enjoy on the beach or when dreaming of your next adventure, this new flavor is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Aussie Style Lemonade is part of Monster Energy’s elevated Juice line made with real juice and Monster’s unique energy blend for a vibrant energy boost packed with flavor.

Juice Monster is available nationwide in a grocery retailer and convenience store near you. For more information on Monster Energy’s Juice offerings visit,

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